Dawn of a New Era – The Changing CV Landscape

29th March 2017 – The day that no soul, if it had even an iota of exposure to Indian Automobile Industry, will ever forget . This was the day when virtually every Indian Automobile Manufacturer’s plant came to a stand still and the Policy Paralysis again kicked in. This was the least of what NDA Govt., which is known for its business friendly atmosphere, could have expected. Honorable Supreme Court of India banned the sale of outgoing BSIII emission compliant vehicles with immediate effect and gave a window of just 2 days until 31st March to sell off the inventory pileup of over … Continue reading Dawn of a New Era – The Changing CV Landscape

About this Blog

My First Transcript 25th May 2005, 17:00 HrsToday, I signed documents marking my entry into automotive world with 1st job in hand. Start of the day was not a big surprise as had anticipated the regular Pre-Placement Talks, Technical & Aptitude Exam followed by PI.I must mention the end result was pretty unexpected when The Dean (COAE) announced the end results. I and 4 others had been selected for the job which marked the start of a new phase in Life. 30th June 2005, 10:30 HrsPaschim Express halted at the platform No. 1. Within moments we boarded the train. With heavy hearts and … Continue reading About this Blog

Customer is "King" Indeed – And He Ought To Be Treated Like One

Indian Automobile Industry, one of the most dynamic industries of our country, has come a long way. Journey from Luxury to Necessity has been rather short and post liberalization Industry Dynamics changed for good. Last Decade further saw an Exponential Growth with Passenger vehicles (PV) & Commercial Vehicles (CV) now contributing 7.1% of country’s GDP.Last Decade too saw the entry of new players in CV as well as PV Space, that spoiled the end user with choices ranging from more refined Products and exposure to world class “Services”. Gone are the days when the laid-back attitude & rigidness was overshadowed by … Continue reading Customer is "King" Indeed – And He Ought To Be Treated Like One

Top 5 Fastest Hatchbacks in India

When it comes to cars in India, the most popular car model type is definitely hatchback. Hatchbacks are meant to be most suitable city cars, as their compact forms are easily drivable in the most dreadful traffic conditions and let the owners park them in tight parking spaces. However, hatchbacks are usually associated with their practicality and easy handling in urban roads and are not associated with great performance or speed. Hatchbacks are not generally looked upon as great powerful cars that can race with the winds, especially in India where these are the most affordable buys for economical city … Continue reading Top 5 Fastest Hatchbacks in India