Retail Sales going from Bad to Worse…. Where are we Heading to???

F A D A releases June’19 Vehicle Registration Data

  • Q1FY20 ends on a negative note as Total Vehicle Registrations for the quarter decreases by -6% YoY. CV segment leads the de-growth at -14% followed by 2W at -6.4% and 3W at -6.1%. PV falls the least with -1%.
  • For the month of June, sales were negative both YoY and MoM with MoM drop seen higher with delay in monsoon and continued liquidity tightness affecting consumer sentiment and on YoY basis, Total Vehicle Registrations fall -5.4%, with CV falling -19.3%, 2W -5%, PV -4.6% and 3W 2.8%.
  • PV inventory levels continue to decrease giving the much-needed respite, but 2W and CV inventory increases further and continues to remain a serious cause of worry for Auto Dealers.
  • Budget Provisions Taken for Liquidity easing yet to take effect as tight liquidity situation continues coupled with Delayed and Deficient Monsoon for June lead to weakening of overall sentiments from previous month

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