Toyota Overtakes BMW to Become Most Valuable Automotive Brand in the World

BMW Toyota
Toyota Vs BMW

Finally there is good news for all the Toyota fans as it manages to overtake BMW for winning up with the title of being the most valuable brand in the world. According to Forbes survey, BMW had emerged as one of the most powerful brands that deal in fabulous cars. If Millward Brown’s new survey report is to be believed, for the year 2013, Toyota has overtaken BMW and has emerged as the most valuable car brands in the entire Automobile Industry.
The annual study conducted on the basis of the “Strongest Companies” across various industries in which Toyota emerged as a winner replacing BMW. In the year 2013 the brand value of Toyota touched the peak at $24.5 billion, an increase of 12 percent as compared to the previous year. Toyota’s success can be largely linked to its great portfolio of eye catching hybrid vehicles.

In contrast to Toyota, BMW’s brand value decreased about 2 percent to $24 billion as compared to last year. Among top 100 companies Toyota managed to freeze 23rd spot, followed closely by BMW at 24th Spot.

Mercedes-Benz emerged as the third leading automotive brand at 43rd spot with brand value of $18 Billion, an increase of 11% over previous year. Honda & Nissan finished 4th& 5th at $12.4 Billion & $10.2 Billion. Volkswagen finished at 100th spot. Though not ranked, Audi won the accolades by gaining 18 percent in the year 2013 with the total brand value of $5.5 billion.

BMW had been ruling the Automotive World for quite some time now before paving way to Toyota in 2013. The last time Toyota ruled the roost was in 2006-2009 period subsequently in 2011. Since then BMW had been the undisputed leader in the segment. The top three spots saw Apple, Google and IBM making space for themselves. 

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