Delhi Traffic Police – Great Sense of Humor

Well few days ago was stopped on the Dwarka-NH8 Link Road by Traffic Cops and before I could understand why I had been stopped the Challan Ticket was in my hand. I had been Challaned (Ticket) for an offence of Over Speeding. Well the Radar showed the Car Speed of 78 Kmph. 

78 Kmph is Overspeeding???  I asked the Cop…. Yes came the reply along with the preset Limit of 50 Kmph on the Link Road to NH-8.

Under immense frustration asked where are the Sign Boards on this Stretch of Link Roadmentioning the Speed Limit?

And here was the reply: – Govt. Ne Sign Board Lagaye Hain….Thode Chotte Lagaye Hain Taki Kharcha Kam Ho aur Challan Kat Te Rahe taki Paisa Atta Rahe. (Govt. has put on the sign boards, they are small so as to take care of the expenditure and Increase revenue from Tickets.)

That very moment aLand Cruiser bearing Delhi number clocking speed of 124 Kmph was summoned. God knows what happened next…. High Possibility the guy wasn’t booked for Rash Driving.

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