Taking the Competition Head on – Bulls Fight Getting Closer

   Everything around is changing at a fast pace. Stocks, Infra, Real Estate, you name any sector and they are fluctuating. Out of it country’s one of the largest sector spanning across length & breath of the country – Yes the “Road Transport Sector” is too witnessing a major evolution. For some it is evolution and for others it’s the tug of war for “Survival” – “The Survival of the Fittest”. Road Transport, the base of commercial vehicle industry and one of the major sectors which accounts to 5.4% of GDP amid all fluctuations is poised to grow at a rate … Continue reading Taking the Competition Head on – Bulls Fight Getting Closer

My First Transcript

My First Transcript 25th May, 2005 17:00 Hrs Today, I signed documents marking my entry into automotive world with 1st job in hand. Start of the day was not a big surprise as had anticipated the regular Pre-Placement Talks, Technical & Aptitude Exam followed by PI. I must mention the end result was pretty unexpected when The Dean (COAE) announced the end results. I and 4 others had been selected for the job which marked the start of a new phase in Life. 30th June 2005 10:30 Hrs Paschim Express halted at the platform No. 1. Within moments we boarded … Continue reading My First Transcript

Why this Blog

Why this Blog A two way communication is core to every information sharing. This Blog is dedicated to all my friends, Colleagues, Mentors and all enriched minds like you. This is for the person who in some or the other way has left or will leave ( In Future) an everlasting impression on my “Home Page” called “Life”. This is your Blog and needless to say requires each one of yours valuable contributions for making it large.And remember that intentions are the blogs serve as a bookmark for us all to be focused on the different goals for which particular … Continue reading Why this Blog